Die Atempause

When I left you, my Kaiserslautern team had just finished their first season in the 2. Bundesliga in fourth. My plan, as I mentioned in this post, was to spend another year finishing in or around the same place in the table and then to push for promotion the year after that, simply because we couldn’t afford not to – both from a sporting point of view, but also very much from a financial perspective. We got £16mil for winning the 2.BuLi. You get £26mil for getting relegated from the Bundesliga in dead last, very bottom, 18th. As the squad grows and gets better, we need that money to keep the wage bill balanced.

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Tactical Evolution or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Juego de Posicion.

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been wandering around Europe as Ragnar Hjaltisson once again, plying my footballing trade at a couple of clubs. With the extra time on my hands that lockdown and a quarantine period have given me in recent months, I’ve been playing more FM than previously and I’ve had enough success with a tactical system that I’ve wanted to write about it. Continue reading