The Saga Continues: Season 1:1

The time has come for Ragnar to see just how successful he’s going to be at the dawn of his managerial career. Let’s take a look. Continue reading


The Eredivisie & AFC Ajax: A Football Manager Love Story.

As some of you have probably noticed, I’ve not been all that active lately. It started with a break for Christmas to properly concentrate on the things that truly matter in life – family and friends – and that, unfortunately for those of you that for some reason seem to like my content, meant that I had to take a step back from Football Manager in general and this blog in particular.

We’re now in February and I’ve still not really come back.

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Ajax Academy: First Six Months

In the last post, I talked about the basics of youth development as I see them and hinted at some of my personal philosophical leanings when it comes to helping young players reach their potential and (hopefully) go on to long and successful careers for my chosen team. This time out we’re going to meet the player chosen as the case study.

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